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VERDANT ezMeal - Meal Replacement: What is the benefits?

VERDANT ezMeal Meal replacement powder can be directly added and shake well either in warm or cold water. Of course, other foods can be added to increase the taste and nutrition. So, can milk be added to meal replacement powder? What is the effect of meal replacement powder?

Meal replacement can provide some of the nutrients required by the body, but it also can be added with fruits and vegetables, milk, cereals, etc.

The benefits of meal replacement include:

1. Reduce blood lipids and improve fatty liver;

2. Regulate blood sugar to avoid the rise of blood sugar after meal. Suitable for people with


3. Regulate blood pressure, effectively improve the blood pressure of people facing obesity issue;

4. Change eating habits and help to maintain slim body;

Note :

1. Replenish water: drink at least 2000cc of water every day. When the body fat is burned and used, body needs enough water to expel these metabolites. It is very easy to dehydrate during weight loss, so remember to drink plenty of water;

2. Dietary fiber: Eat more vegetables or other high-fiber foods. Ingesting more dietary fiber in the diet can promote gastrointestinal motility and help bowel movements. The low-calorie green vegetables can reduce hunger. When you are hungry, you can also choose some low-calorie fruits like tomatoes, guava, etc.;

3. Ingestion of protein: Consume protein-rich foods such as beans, milk, eggs, and meat every day to replenish protein to your body;

4. Exercise: Exercise can increase calorie consumption during weight loss, make you lose weight faster, and can help maintain muscles, boost spirit, increase endorphin, and maintain a happy mood during weight loss.

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